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Prince Aojiao dotes on the little princess

Prince Aojiao dotes on the little princess

Prince Aojiao dotes on the little princess

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    Prince Aojiao dotes on the little princess
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    Eat hot pot in the snow
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    People Books
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2022-08-11 18:37:56
[Aojiao County] + [reborn Constable] half an hour ago, Mu Xiwei was the eldest lady of a famous medical family, known as the Pearl of the capital. Half an hour later, she was pushed into the water and drowned, and became a female constable in Chang'an city the storm in Chang'an city was treacherous. The prince of Taihe, Li guanyue, got married, but the princess of Taihe died suddenly that night. Mu Xiwei was ordered to conduct an autopsy, but he heard that this was the third princess of Taihe who died suddenly on the wedding night Mu Xiwei was shocked and looked at the prince of Taihe under the flickering candle. Did he have the order to kill his wife Li guanyue wondered why a little Constable showed this expression to himself when he became a powerful minister in power, it was enough for him to become Mu Xiwei's loyal dog and protect her wholeheartedly while the little Constable didn't do his job, planted land, medicine and shops, and became a baby pimple behind the princess this is an article about Prince and Constable doting on each other.

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