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Summoner trial Game

Summoner trial Game

Summoner trial Game

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    Summoner trial Game
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    Si Ji
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    Qishi Book
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2022-05-14 14:20:09
On September 19, 2021, the mysterious "Summoner trial game" came to the earth. In order to save the world and themselves, countless "summoners" were forced to enter the game and start an endless trial journey advice from the game official to mankind: 1. Playing games does not necessarily lead to death, but not playing games will certainly lead to death 2. Game resources are limited, and all callers are requested to strive to improve 3. All interpretation rights belong to the universe in this way, Jiang Si, the author of infinite flow novel, with her magical talent and strange teammates, began the journey of abducting (crossing out) to save the universe note: 1. With CP, the main plot, the male leader is more inclined to his comrades in arms and teammates 2. Prop + skill type unlimited flow, partial group image, various copy types, main brain hole 3. The author's IQ is not equal to the role's IQ. It can be said that the author's IQ is not enough. Don't scold the role. Thank you.