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Boss, he s so fierce

Boss, he s so fierce

Boss, he s so fierce

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    Boss, he s so fierce
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    Invincible rice with marinated meat
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    Sky Book
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2022-06-28 12:21:26
[cold, fierce and ruthless Big Man vs Buddha Yan Kong's little ancestor] a glance at the high-level private club as a Buddhist Yan Kong, Tang Zhi remembered his fierce face at a glance clearly wearing the most orthodox black suit, he has the indifference and wildness that people can't ignore one word is pleasing to the eye so a few days later, someone in the internal forum of an international organization placed an order - five million to buy his personal contact information Qingleng fourth sister: Xiao Liu, I heard that you made the list last night grumpy Dick: OK, I didn't lose face cousin rookie: Tang Xiaozhi, you're fucking crazy! What do you want to do calm down, lady dog: can't you see? I'm after him a rumored cruel and heartless boss: Well, don't chase he delivered it to the door himself the boss is so fierce, but he spoiled her as the youngest ancestor in Rongcheng!

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