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She became the palm of the first assistant

She became the palm of the first assistant

She became the palm of the first assistant

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    She became the palm of the first assistant
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    Nine thousand dreams
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    Mountain Book
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2022-08-11 15:31:51
Ji chufeng's ugly and silly daughter-in-law jumped into the river for other men the silly daughter-in-law opened her eyes again and her soul was replaced by the top miracle doctor in the end of the world. In the face of the misunderstanding between her impoverished family and her family, she rolled up her sleeves and took her family to cook delicious food, collect herbs, make tofu, buy shops and open restaurants... Life is booming, people are becoming more and more beautiful and amazing but why does she feel dizzy and weak when she is away from her husband in order to survive, Gu Yanqi can only pester the future chief assistant someone mocked Ji chufeng and she sprayed it back. Someone wanted to harm Ji chufeng, so she sacrificed her life to save her. Some people were bad to Ji Chu's younger brothers and sisters, and she defended them everywhere in front of Ji chufeng herself, she is obedient and clever of course Ji chufeng misunderstood: this woman, she loves me -- > as soon as Gu Yanqi left Ji chufeng, he was dizzy. In order to live, he had to pester him every time the cold faced chief assistant, who will be famous all over the world in the future, sees her, his ears are red and he has to pretend to be calm and cold: "in the daytime, madam, don't do something more serious." GU Yanqi really doesn't do it, but he is crazy he hugged his little daughter-in-law and complained wrongly, "are you out there? Why are you not enthusiastic?"

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