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Buddhist female companion in romantic novels

Buddhist female companion in romantic novels

Buddhist female companion in romantic novels

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    Buddhist female companion in romantic novels
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    Little fish house
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    Wine Novel
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2022-08-11 17:30:46
Orange Yu has been in love with lujue since high school. She runs behind lujue's ass all day, so that lujue is bored when she sees her. She clearly says she doesn't like her. Let her give up. Orange Yu doesn't think so and continues to fight until one night, orange Yu had a dream. In the dream, she was a female partner in a romantic novel, and Lu Jue was the male leader. When he was in college, he was with the female leader, which led to orange Yu's hatred for the female partner and deliberately made trouble for the female leader. Later, he drove and hit the female leader, angered Lu Jue, and was sent to prison by Lu Jue Orange Yu woke up from her dream and felt that the dream was very strange. In order to verify the authenticity of the dream, orange Yu decided to experiment. The result was really the same as that written in the book. Orange Yu was stunned and couldn't. She felt that she could no longer hang from the tree that did not belong to her. It's better to be a transparent person in the Buddhist department. It's also good to find a rich and handsome man to fall in love Lu Jue always feels a lot quieter recently. He feels very strange that he didn't see the orange Yu who followed him all day... Until I saw orange Yu talking and laughing with a man passing by him on a school anniversary, I didn't even look at him...

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